How much should a 2.1 kg westie mix 8 week old puppy be eating each day?
I’ve brought royal canin mini junior food at the advice of my vet and she said follow the adult weight guide, so going by that she needs 150g a day which sounds like a lot for her. I’m feeding her three times a day and putting out 50g each time. She’s only eating 25g at each meal though.
Should I be worried or should I throw out the 150g guide line and just go by what she wants?
Also we’re in the middle of a really hot spell at home and she still won’t settle at night. I’ve put a ticking clock and a night light where she’s sleeping but I’m worried that a hot water bottle or the like will overheat her in the night, is there something else I can try until it cools down a bit?
And how do we toilet train her at night? We’ve got the day time sorted, there are still little accidents but she lets us know if she’s had an accident and we’re taking her out hourly into the garden, but what do I do at night? I feed her three hours before she goes to sleep but I leave water out for her all night just in case.
My other two dogs had toilet-training sorted when I rescued them so I never had to go through all this.
It’s a huge learning curve and any info you can pass on to a first time puppy owner would be appreciated.