I have a 9 week old Westie and she has been trying our patience….she is biting everything in sight (including us!), she hasn’t gotten the potty training down, and now she all of a sudden has discovered her voice and barks at everything. She stays in a puppy proofed room that has her bed, food, and an area for potty, but as soon as we get home, we let her out to the living room, where we supervise her. I think this is what’s confusing her because when she’s in the room she pottys just fine, it’s just when we let her in the living room that she doesn’t know where to go. We haven’t taught her to go outside because she’s still to young and we’re not there during the day. Also, we’re not sure if she can go outside yet and walk around since she’s not fully vaccintated. We love her but we are new to this and need help!!