Cannot be a girly/foofoo dog
Cannot be a dog that sheds a lot/drools
Must be capable of training
Does not bark excessively
Cannot be too big (condo remember)
Cannot require a lot of exercise (have to work 9 hrs/day)
To be honest that dog that perfectly matches with exception of foofoo is a poodle…but I cannot be seen walking a poodle. Some of you will say my list is too strict, well I do not think so…I really dont care about a dog but my gf wants one. Since we are looking for places both in state (California) and out (a lot harder to do!!!) I am trying to compromise.
So far I have one breed in mind…Westie (or westland terrier? or something like that). They are all white, mid size, decent looking dogs. Their hair comes out like 2x/year or something. I can deal with that I guess.
Any advice on this breed or any other dog in mind…Remember NO FOO FOO DOGS.