I bought a westie puppy for my husband and recently he went crazy and ran off, so I was stuck with the not housetrained puppy. His sister offered to train him for me and watch him, so I obliged. He has been at her house over a month and she has not said anything about giving him back, but she and her husband have been adamant that they do not want to keep him because they dont like terriers. I told her that I dont want to give him to them, because he is my husband’s and I paid alot of $$$ for him. Since she has had him she has neglected his vet care (but didnt ask me to come get him until yesterday), changed his dog food to something very, very bad.
My husband paid 100 for dog training and she didnt take him when I told her it was, and she the trainer offered to retrain him and she told her “no thank you, dont have time” without notifying me first (so $$ down the drain). I have hinted that I really miss the dog, but she has not given him back yet. What do I do?!