I have heard rumors going around partially from asking a few people myself and I found a question about agility naming their Westie on yahoo answers a bit ago and I thought, Hmm…is this true?
If it is I need a good competing name for my Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Now I’ll be honest LIKE the question I checked on a while ago WE too are not quite ready to compete yet but I plan to take her to classes after We are done obedience training at a school I take her to and graduate 🙂 Going into agility her and I wont be a maybe but a for sure! I know we’d both love it!
Information: She’s a blue merle Australian shepherd who literally picks up on things the second time you teach anything to her, she’s a very bright girl! She is known for her eyes, when ever someone meets her they always comment on her bright blue eyes; on the left eye is a tint of brown on the top. Her name is Macy May and I call her Macy or Mace for short, her other nicknames are Macinator and Hooligan since she is full of energy at home and will tackle you down for kisses and attention so Macinator fit pretty well and Hooligan…well I found myself suddenly calling her that because she is VERY entertaining and silly but this is all I could come up with. She is a purebred though like Most Aussies she is full of energy but can be very laid back at times especially when its time to focus and listen for commands. She prances and bounces more than she runs and jogs, it’s a beautiful sight and everyone seems to notice it, her parents were shown so I figure its from her background, but it makes her an excellent Jumper. Lets see what else can i tell you, OH and last but not least she tends to bond with anyone she meets and loves people more than other dogs: if she’s in a room full of dogs with toys, balls, and they are all playing and there is people in the room as well she’ll be more interested in greeting the people than playing or checking out OTHER dogs, but she does love Everyone she meets, even dogs!
If you have any questions just ask and I’ll post more 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂