So I went to the Humane Society yesterday and I was browsing around and met some small dogs that I was interested in. basically Chihuahuas. However, there was a dog that was in the same kennel as the chihuahua. a mixed terrier; i think it was a white West Highland Terrier Mix. anyway, I asked about the dog. He is 1 year old, got hit by a car, and lost his back leg, meaning he only has three legs now. After hearing his story, I was soooooo saddened. So now I’m home and
I’m thinking about adopting a three legged white West Highland Terrier from the Humane Society. He seemed really sweet when I came over to look at him in his kennel. I was wondering, is there anything three legged dogs can’t do? I am really serious about adopting it, but I need to know what I’m getting into first.
A little about me:1st time pet owner (never had pets before), have been doing tons of research about regular dogs (but beginning to research more about 3 legged ones), very ready to give love to a dog in need.