I recently adopted a Westie/Maltipoo from my local SPCA. He’s a year and a half & has lived in the shelter his whole life. He’s doing really well– no major behavior problems & pretty good with house training, but he does not like to go on walks!
I’ve been trying to make sure he gets exercise because he has been chewing his paws and I know this can be a sign of a nervous habit. However, he does not like walks. He does okay to sniff around & use the bathroom, but he hates walking with me. He will just stop and lay down when I try to walk with him. I’ve tried treats & calling his name, but he won’t budge. I’ve also tried grass vs pavement. The only time he likes to run around is when he chases me around my apartment. Also, he doesn’t really understand how to play with balls and other toys. How do you teach a dog to play with toys? I’m hoping if he gets better with walks and playing he won’t chew his paws as much. We’re signed up for dog classes in Jan., but we need help now!