Please can someone give me some help? I have a westie who is fully house trained, but if something is out of place in the house or something is put somewhere odd he will pee up it!
Today he done it again TWICE!!! My daughter had her friend stay over and this morning the other child put her sleeping bag on my sofa folded up ready for when she goes home, and the dog peed on it. Tonight I decided to get my clothes airer out to dry some stuff and I have just gone in to the room and he has peed up that too. He has not done this for weeks and when he does it, he only does it when I am not in the room. He can go weeks without doing it and then he will just do it out of the blue. He is now almost 3 years old and he was castrated since he was young as he was awful. I have tried everything but I now I feel I have had enough. I have a 7 year old german shepard girl and she would never dream of doing anything in the house!
Please don’t suggest that I catch him in the act because unless I have him shut away that is not going to happen as it is so sporadic. I have used sprays but how can you spray when you have no idea when or where he is going to do it.
Please please someone help me.