Hi, any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
We have a 6 month old Westie puppy, we live in a flat so getting her outside quickly was a problem when toilet training her. We use puppy pads and have gradually managed to get her from various parts of the flat to the hallway to wee on these pads. She is very good now and will go to wee on them and she has no problem weeing outside when she poos however she doesn’t associate the two together… She will hold her poo every time until she is walked and if she cant she will whine at the door to tell us! I cant understand why she doesn’t do the same for wees.
We know she can hold both as she is left in the day when we work and she is kept in the kitchen (as we have a kitten too and they are too young to be left alone together) and when we come home she hasn’t done anything and we take her out straight away and she does both!
When we are home in the evening with her she wont tell us she needs to go out for one nor will she just hold it she just wees constantly very little ones about every 30mins!! Is there anyway we can cure this?
We have tried taking the pads away and she just wees on the carpet, we use praise and treats so much when she is outside. Im worried she should be fully outside at her age? We also need it sorting soon as the kitten being a typical cat tries to clean up after the puppy when she wees… she will go to the pad and start actioning as if she is moving litter around but of course this just rips up the pad and sometimes ends up with a wee smelling kitten!
Sorry for the long post, I wanted to explain all I could.