I have a westie, and his name is Kota. He is three years old, and 25 pounds. I was wondering if this weight was normal? There is also another problem with him. He pees around the house. He is perfectly potty-trained, and we always let him out before we leave for long periods of time, like when my mom goes to work and my sister and I go to school. Lastly, if he drinks too much water too fast, he’ll cough and almost sound like he’s choking. Is he just getting too excited and swallowing it down the wrong pipe?
Other than these issues, Kota is a very good dog. He loves his family, especially me, and is extremely playful He loves to play in the snow in the winter and the fresh cut grass in the summer, and has no allergies. I’m just a bit worried about him, is all. If you could answer my three questions, I would feel MUCH better.