I’ve researched for the past few weeks and think i’ve got pretty much the gist of them.
My German Shepherd of 8 years past away just two months ago, and im not getting one of these cute pups till im VERY informed.
Ima a dog nut not just some kid wanting a cute puppy.
I understand they are a terrier breed and will have the terrier temperament though i need some questions answered;
•Would it be okay in a fenced in yard [aware of hole digging] while im at school? Or a crate. Either way he would be secure, but i don’t want him developing anxiety from that time.
•Are they easy to house train?
•I’ve heard so many misconceptions of how to groom them, and that they tend to have loads of allergies like pugs, is this true?
•In the summer, i have a church camp im going to attend to for 2 weeks. There will be family at home, but are they more of a one person dog or a family dog?
• If theres any dog you would like to recomend me please do so. I do want something smaller than 30lbs, and i cant have a Chihuahua or a Dachshund. I’ve had several toy and terrier breeds before so this isn’t new to me. I’ve took many quizzes, called lots of breeders, and did research on akc about these pups, But really if theres ANYTHING i need to know dont hesitate to tell me im more than willing to listen.
Thanks in advance!
[Yes i asked this question last night, but im really serious about getting one and i want to know as much as i can.]