What To Take Into Consideration When Naming Your Westie…

There are many things your westie will need when he is your pet.  One of the most important is a name.  Naming your westie terrier may not be one of your primary concerns but this requires more thought and careful consideration than you may realize.  Furthermore, you should already have a title chosen for your dog before you welcome him home, that way you can start familiarizing him with it right from the beginning.

The following are some pointers to keep in mind when picking westie names:

•    Choose something you like. – You’ll be using whatever you pick for the rest of your dog’s life.   Make it good.

•    Pick something a westie terrier will easily recognize.  – Canines do not respond to the word you use they identify with its sound.  Therefore, it is usually best to choose something that has no more than two syllables for a westie terrier.   Keeping sounds simple will also make it easier for you to say.

•    Long names will inevitably be shortened. – Although you may want to choose a lengthy title for your pal, just make sure the shorter version is still appealing, as you won’t want a nickname to ruin your original choice.

•    Avoid calling your pet westie something that rhymes with a command.  – Any obedience words you will be teaching your pooch, such as “sit”, “down”, “Off”, “Stay”, “No”, should be remembered when you are making your selection.  Don’t forget that your west highland terrier responds to sound, they don’t actually understand language.  Therefore, avoid things such as “Moe”, “Brown”, “Kit”, etc.

•    Select something that will grow with the pooch. – Calling your companion “Puppy”, “Baby” or anything else that reminds one of a young pup may not be so appealing once he is a fully grown westie terrier.

If you are really stuck and don’t know what you should call your dog, you can always wait until you observe him for a few days after you bring him home to see if his personality inspires you.  What’s more, you might find that choosing a Scottish name for the westie will be fitting, so keep your options open.