I have a now four month old west highland white terrier (toooooo cute) he is a boy.
The issue that I am having is… He will be good ALL day while I am at work and not go potty in his crate. (He was going potty in there at one point because of the breeder issues. eat. sleep. poo in the same area.) now he is ok with that and will hold actually about 7 hours. As soon as I get home from work I will take him outside, and he runs for a bit, and then does his business, and plays for a few hours.
Now the problem…….
He is still peeing in the house, hasn’t really pooped but has peed, hes not lifting his leg to “mark” but just peeing, and im not sure why…. He SHOULD have it in his brain that he CAN hold till he goes outside, but im not sure how to further this concept.
And please don’t leave messages that 7 hours is too long. I asked my vet and she said as long as he is comfortable, that it is ok because he has no bladder issues. Also, my friend has a yorkie (10lbs) that was holding for 8 hours (without being made to) at 4 months old.
Does anyone have any suggestions as how to get him to stop peeing inside.. Or do I just have to GRADUALLY make his crate bigger and bigger, then give him a bigger room, than a bigger room inside a bigger room until he gets the point?
Any advice would be fantastic. This isnt my first dog, but the only dog ive had that has taken more than 2 – 3 weeks to potty train.