Your local westie rescue may have the pet you are looking for if you have been thinking about adopting a west highland terrier.  You may be hesitant to adopt rescued canines if you are like some people who are under the impression that dogs from rescues are problematic because they have come from abused homes.   This is not true in most cases.

In fact, quite a few of the canines that are taken in by these volunteer organizations have been surrendered for reasons, such as the owner:  moved to a retirement home or where the dog cannot travel; got divorced; developed an allergy; changed jobs; had a baby; tired of owning a canine, etc.  Thus, not all westie rescue pooches will have serious behavioural problems.

Choosing to give a terrier another chance at a loving home has many benefits and one of the main bonuses is the fact that the animals are mature, which, for the most part, means less work for you.  Adults are far easier to care for than puppies and demand much less of your time.  Therefore, you likely won’t have to turn your life upside down in order to meet their demands.

Understand, this does not mean that you won’t be required to provide a westie rescue pooch with plenty of attention and care; it simply means you shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with things such as:

•    Housebreaking
•    Chewing
•    Night time whining
•    Not understanding the word “No”.

Moreover, many fully grown westies from rescues will have some basic training, have socialized with the volunteers, received the necessary veterinarian care and will have already developed their own personality.  All of these factors typically make it easier for the four-legged white wonder to adjust to you and their new home.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that, as when choosing any pet, you need to visit the westie rescue and interact with the poochie that has been selected for you prior to bringing him home.  It is imperative that you know how to handle this potential new companion so there are no surprises and to ensure that you are the right fit for each other.