i am having a dificult time house breaking my westie. ive had him for several months now and i am at witts end with potty training him. i know that it is a stubborn breed and i am trying to keep my patience. i am using a crate like they say to do and it is the size they recomend and i never leave him in there for more than 3 hours at a time. i would never spank my pup nor would i ever rub his nose in it. i simply take him to the spot and give him a firm no. i thought maybe it was a medical problem so i took him to the vet and they said theres no medical problem. when he goes outside i clap and give him a treat and say good boy. he knows going in the house is wrong. i bought my first house and ill be moving soon and i really dont want him going on the new carpets! any suggestions on what i can do or what i am doing wrong? besides putting a diaper on the little booger ; )