Hi Everyone! I was just wandering what brand of dog food you feed your dog or dogs and what your daily routine with your dog or dogs are!
here is mine!
I feed my German Shepherd’s Wellness Super5Mix large breed Adult formula 4 1/2 cups morning and night. I feed my westie Wellness super5mix small breed adult formula 1-2 cups morning and night.
1. At 5:00am I wake up and let the dogs out for 30 min.
2. I let the dogs back inside and i feed them.
3. at like 5:30am or 6:00am I take all 3 of the dogs on a run for close to an hour
4. we come home and I finnish getting ready for school
5. I go to school and there is always somebody at my house 24/hr a day so they play with the dogs
6. I come home from school play with the dogs and we go on a walk
7. Dogs eat dinner at 5:00 pm
8. My GSD’S Compete and train in Schutzhund ( Personal Protection, tracking, obedience,) we do this 5x a week. Training is 5x a week but we compete whenever we can my GSD’S are Gaurd dogs and they are really good at it!