my mum said it has to be small , good with kids , quite fluffy and cute . She would realy like a bichon frise , but after some research we realised they are way out of our budget and we would not be able to keep up with the care of the coat.
i was thinking maybe a westie , yorkie or king charles .
i was wondering how much training these breeds need , what is the average price and which one would suit our lifestyle and requirements.
we can give half hour to exersize , someone is home for most of the day apart from when my mum goes shopping and picks up me and my bro from school . I am a responcible teenager and we have a bouncy but freindly two year old, and a fast learning and gentle six year old .
I have asked my mum to consider a pup for my in april and she sed maybe . we have a spaciouse house and garden with a dog park near by .
we just want to make the right choice of dog , so that we can fulfill its life as well as we can.
any suggestions and info is greatly apprieciated