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Westie Training Video – Part 2

In this 2nd Westie training video we see our darling 12 week old westie showing of her tricks and obedience. Here she shows; sit, stick 'em  up, sad, roll over, down, touch, shake a paw, speak, turn left, turn right, jump over, hand up, high five, go potty, ring door bell to go out, come, in crate, out of crate, and shut the door. Note the use of hand signals which the puppy is reacting to before the voice commands in most cases. Again a clicker and positive rewards have been used with great success. Westie training is fun and as you can see they can be taught a complex series of "chained" commands. If you think this is great great video tak a look at West Highland White Terrier Training Video - Part 1 and you'll see just how far Rose has come in just two weeks. Amazing! Want to learn more?...

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